Proven Process

We conduct a comprehensive, confidential search to identify and present outstanding candidates uniquely qualified to your specifications and corporate culture.

Our first priority is to obtain a thorough understanding of your organization, including its structure and culture, and the position responsibilities, in addition to the requirements and characteristics candidates must possess to be successful in the role.

We research locally and nationally to identify candidates uniquely qualified to meet your specifications. We utilize all avenues including our extensive network of contacts built exclusively in Contact Center, TeleSales and Customer Service. We have built trusting relationships with these professionals and they listen when we call and often serve as an excellent source of referrals if they themselves are not interested.

We interview prospective candidates to your exact specifications and requirements.  Their suitability, cultural fit, motivation, salary requirements, and true viability to relocate if necessary are thoroughly evaluated.

Selected candidates are presented and their experience and qualifications are discussed with you.

Interviews are arranged and feedback is gathered and assessed to gauge continued interest from both you and the candidates.

Once you have made a hiring decision, we are happy to extend your offer to the selected candidate. We act as your agent to ensure the offer is accepted.